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Welcome to BeMoosey, this site was developed to support people with finding the right products, without looking through numerous websites to find a particular type of camera, laptop and other pieces of tech.  I have family and friends, who ask, which is better, can you help me?, sure but it dawned on me, there may be many people out there with the same dilemma.

The site evolved from there and I was going through life barriers and hurdles, it became apparent, speaking to many people that, I am not the only one who finds it difficult to source the information needed.  I have always been interested in tech, the new phone, the new laptop and more recently, the new camera.

My interest for film, music, graphic novels and tech are never ending, it came to the point, how do I keep up, with may day job and together with realising, as I become older, I can’t own everything.

New phones are released each year, can I afford to spend thousands and thousands on a new phone, can I keep up with the amount of film and music releases.  Phew evening typing about it, is becoming a little tiring.  Supporting others to find the right product for them including cost effective ones.

My love for technology is never ending, this my opportunity to give back and help you will become involved.

Please support BeMoosey, facebook page is coming soon