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Beards Styles

Style, focus, tough, rugged, a great beard with your personal style can look great

Beard styles that you will love

Beards were used in prehistoric times for warmth and in most cases intimidation, to protect themselves and their families.  A beard was also used to protect their faces from dirt, sand and the weather.

Over many decades all types of civilisations such as Persians and ancient Greeks wore beards in different shapes, sizes and colours to display wisdom and dignity.  In roman times, beards were trimmed and well groomed.

During the last five years, beards have become a fashion trend, most say it’s a comeback, I have always believed its always been a trend of some sort.  Maybe more recognised with the social media age.  There are so many different styles, whether you would like to be adventurous or may have a particular style that suits you.

Although here have been many bearding styles throughout the years, grooming with beard tools or oils has become a ritual by most.  So what styles are more known during 2019 lets take a look.

A Full Beard

Growing a full beard is a style, which can be most difficult to maintain, although the style is self explanatory, it still requires continuous grooming.  It most definitely emphasises your features and gives your something to stroke.

It would take a minimum of 6 weeks to grow, as you achieve some stubble, your able to shape the style that suits you.  Use a beard trimmer and comb to shape the beard as it grows.   Your beard may become a little patchy at first, be patient, it should fill out. Use beard oil, this is particularly helpful when your skin below the beard may become dry and possibly flaky. Blow dry and use comb daily to avoid tangles.  A professional barber may be required once in a while to ensure a well-styled long-term beard.

full beard

The Balbo

A particularly well-known beard worn by Robert Downey Jr, this type of beard requires to be grown for at least 3-4 weeks including the moustache.  Shaping the beard and moustache is key with electric razor.  An impressive style which once achieved, rocks and looks amazing.


The Goatee

A well-known style, which requires little effort, any hair above the mouth and chin, can be referred to the goatee.  The style adds a little edge to the usual style and comes much easier after either growing a full beard or a change after some medium stubble.  It has been said; a goatee makes a rounder face look thinner.

A goatee may require little effort to grow but precision is required, a simple mistake could have ramifications on either keeping the goatee or not.  When precision cutting, it would be ideal to cut when dry, if wet may result in more being cut.


The Garibaldi

This style of beard requires a full-length beard for a at least 3-4 months, it’s a rounder beard, which requires not a lot of effort.  It’s very much a natural look, together with the moustache.

Not a lot of styling is required but a trim at the bottom will be needed, the style is very much focused on the moustache to be kept tidy.


The Van Dyke

An interesting style focused on a long moustache and goatee, precisions styling and long beard not required. The goatee becomes more prominent with a longer style and short sides.

The name is derived from Anthony Van Dyke, a famous painter during the seventeenth century.

van dyke

The Beardstache

This type of style is focused on the moustache is longer and than the beard.  To achieve such a great style, a full beard attempt will be required and then leaving the moustache to grow further.  A short beard but emphasis is on the moustache.

It’s important to keep the moustache tangle free with a comb; beard oil or wax will help in styling. The stubble would need to be at a medium level, cutting it too short will affect the style and you may need to begin again process.

Some honourable mentions

Short Beard, short stubble, medium stubble, imperial beard, side burns, chin strap and muttonchops beard.