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Vloggling Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide to Vlogging


How do I begin? What equipment do I need? Vlogging

First off, what is a Vlog? Putting it into simple words; A Vlog, short for the videoblog, is basically a form of Blog, but the medium used for it is video and not written words on a screen.

Since the advent of Vlogging, the entire face of blogging has been changed.  Some credit goes to Adam Kontras, the person who set-off on a road trip to Los Angeles to pursue his dream and created the first Vlog for the world to see! He recorded his adventures, so his friends and family could be part of his journey.

We have listed everything you need to know about Vlogging. Dive in.

Gather all the right equipment; video quality matters

For Vlogging require a camera that can produce great quality video, ideally Full HD (1080p) or even 4k Ultra High Definition, the two configurations are currently being upheld by the preferences of YouTube.

If your smartphone can handle video in, at least, 720p then you are sorted. Make sure to purchase a good quality microphone that can easily hook up to your camera. The soundis equally important over here!

Make sure your microphone is connected perfectly

Make sure to purchase a good quality microphone that can easily hook up to your camera. The soundis equally important over here! A few recommended microphones are listed below:

USB microphones

Camera microphone

Lavalier microphones

Handheld recorders

Decide what you really want to record; create a sketch

A Vlog requires you to sit down, have a brainstorming session, and outline everything you have decided to record. Since Vlogs are not formally recorded videos, you do not have to follow the outlines strictly but if you have a plan to follow in front you, you will always have a rough idea of how things will go.

Develop a style of your own; standout!

If you have already done your homework, you must know that there are a lot of Vloggers out there and the majorityof them are really doing a great job! So, what can you do to stand out? Just be yourself. If being yourself does not help, try on a different gimmick!

Make sure the lighting is perfect

Goodlighting does make a lot of difference. In any case, the four basic lights are:

  • Key light:This light is used to create shadows, this can be viewed as your fundamental light. It gives the subject/object a 3D look.


  • Fill light:This light fills in a portion of the shadows, set on the contrary side of the key light.


  • Backlight:This light is placed behind or above the subject and lightens the hair; making them stand out from the backdrop.


  • Ring Light: This sort of lighting expels shadows from your subject’s face with even light.


  • Promote your Vlog

As competition is fierce, you should take advantage of every chance you get to bring more traffic to your Vlog. Either use an impressive thumbnail or post your Vlog on different social media platforms with an interesting short description.

Good Luck!

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