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Balance Transfer Cards UK

Balance Transfer Cards

Are you paying into a credit? Is it mostly interest?

Credit cards became a way of life, If I need anything for the home or my any type of personal possession, I would use the credit card, not thinking that it would need to be paid back eventually with Interest.  My credit limit increased, banks loved my spending and increased my limit.  This was only encouraging me to spend more and I did.

Debt, yes that word, its not just financial but something which affects your life, I had to figure out, how do I stop the cycle of spending and also pay it all back quickly.  I read books, listen to podcasts and lessons into becoming debt free.  It came down to me becoming strong and stop my spending, do I need these luxuries? can i survive without them? is it that I want them or are they necessities?

Please ensure that you do your own research and complete budget to ensure that it meets your requirements and circumstances.

If your in the UK, you can check your credit score with Experian

Please try this link from our friends at Compare the Market to support you with finding a 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card


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