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Keeping Fit


Keeping Fit, My Beginning

I like the idea of keeping fit, may that be going gym three times a week, eating healthy, focus on walking and also the calmness of yoga.

Truth is, I cant find the motivation, I read somewhere, do not make new years resolutions that you wont keep, just promise yourself that you will devote sometime to yourself.

Every year, I say to myself that I will save my money, there will be no erratic spending, the need to eat much healthier and yes finally go gym.  Are you in the same situation? You sure?

Anyway, I decided not make a resolution for 2019, I however decided to think about my actions, during my time of eating unhealthy food, think twice before am buying that graphic novel, pop vinyl, Blu-ray and vinyl pressing.  Disciplining myself to be good and push myself, easier said than done right? but if I don’t try, I will be back to square one.

Keeping fit, there are so many ways of achieving this; may it be going to the gym, your own smaller exercises within the home, eating health through dietary courses or again through your own way?     As an introvert, the thought of the gym made me feel uneasy, not that I am concerned by showing my body, mainly the uneasiness that I cannot totally explain. I suppose these are barriers which I need to overcome.

Motivating yourself to be consistent can be challenging but I feel rewarding.  I have stopped telling myself that I will go to the gym three times a week and start building a great body.  More so that I will visit once a week and ensure I gradually reduce some foods which support me keeping fit.  That once a week may become twice and even three times a week but starting slow with one day would begin a taste for it.

Eat and drink, I consume copious amounts of hot drinks each day, I literally lose count of how much, this could be up to three to five times a day.  Caffeine, sugar, milk and other side snacks can be somewhat problematic to keep healthy.  Reducing this was challenging to say the least, especially when you work in an office and most of the meetings have some sort of coffee house attached to them.

keeping fit

I am sure you have heard and read drinking water has so many benefits.  Drinking water can support the body in increasing energy, flushing out toxins in your body, can support with weight loss, improves skin, supports in eliminating bad breath any many more.

Eating fruit supports in keeping you healthy, some of my favourite fruits include pineapple, a tropical fruit that provide vitamin c.  Blueberries, which are great for the immune system and have been told has a protective on the brain.  Strawberries, which have vitamin c and helps, reduce blood sugar.  Olives, I came across olives in a restaurant, never tasted them and as I love sour foods, olives became one of my favourite fruits. Olives are high in vitamin e, iron, copper and calcium.  Oranges, high in vitamin c and potassium, this fruit may reduce the risk of many conditions such as kidney stones.  Bananas, high in potassium and good in controlling blood sugar and the digestive system.

I started think about different types of exercise, even though the gym will most likely be once a week, I need other ways of exercises, to fit into my daily weekly routine.  I learnt about Plogging, I thought it was fitting considering I am blogging; anyway plogging seems to have originated in Sweden.  Exercising and being environmentally friendly, are you intrigued? Being outdoors and collecting letter, by squatting, bending and stretching, all this with a combination of running or brisk walking.  You also burn more calories in comparison to jogging with the burst of energies used to collect rubbish.

I believe I am mostly calm in my manner, I needed something in the same form, and yoga has always interested me.  I have seen family and friends who take part in yoga.  I have seen benefits such as an improved posture due to improved strength and muscles.  You may see on the TV or in movies that individuals who practice yoga are agile and flexible, the more you practice yoga, its supports flexibility.  Yoga stretches your body, the soft tissue within including tendons and ligaments.  This type of exercise can only improve moods and support in confidence.

I am not expecting to complete the above overnight, but can support with a healthy and fit body.  Gym can only support so much, other considerations are important to deliver great body and soul.


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