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Minimalism Part 2

Into Minimalism Part 2


My journey so far: the struggle & determination

My journey began embracing minimalism by taking baby steps, this included eradicating hoarding and letting go of objects.

I hoarded everything from DVDs, blu rays, comics, posters, statues, books and much more.  This is a nerd’s dream, which I had accumulated for over twenty years.  Yes that’s right, it has been twenty years of this addiction.

The weirdest thing though, its like a bulb just lit above my head and I stopped, I thought about my future, security and more importantly my family.  Minimalism just became a natural progression for me and my passion for my blog began.

Don’t get me wrong, I have questioned minimalism, is it for me? Am I making the right decision?

mobile phone

All I can say is, if you’re beginning to embrace minimalism, take your time.  It’s easy to view YouTube, read blogs and try to emulate fellow minimalism people.  They all are great in how they follow the life of minimalism and if you can embrace it immediately, go for it.  But I would suggest taking it slow and enjoying the process.  I find it enriching that I am not spending money on stuff I don’t need, it provides me with a clear mind and focus.

The process of “letting go” applies to my stuff that I have been hoarding for many years.  I began by selling my stuff on online platforms eBay, amazon, gum tree and many more.  It would be easy to dispose of it all but that would be too easy.  I believe by selling my stuff, I can at least attempt to collect some of the money I originally spent.

There is so much temptation; social media has played a significant part in this.  Marketing has been transformed through social media platforms and it seems to be growing.  I myself became part of numerous groups displaying their love for collector’s items.  The love can easily become an addiction; I managed to curb the need to overspend on items. My circumstances did not support spending money on collections.

Mobile/Cell Phones is a phenomena that’s been transformed in the last 10 years from browsing, apps and the ease of travel, shopping, take outs and the list is endless.  Although I enjoy browsing and use many different social media platforms, limiting screen time is important for me.  Sleep patterns can become irregular but again depends on your circumstances.

A few simple tips that has worked for me to limit your screen time

  1. Switch on your do not disturb sign on your phone.
  2. Keep your phone away during the night
  3. Reduce your late night browsing or communication
  4. Your day off is your day off, put your phone away and watch a film, go and see friends or just carry out some gardening

Minimalism has supported me in many ways and given me mental strength to be able follow my goals.  I have also begun writing my blog, which gives me a focus to write about things that interest others and me.