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 Minimalistic Living

The minimalistic approach; I have used this term in many forms relating to life and business methods, going back to basics.

I began to research minimalism; it became an interest to understand how people live the minimal lifestyle.   I conducted all types of research from reading books to researching online, to understand how others have adopted minimalism,  personal challenges they faced and their journey.

Minimalism gradually entered my life, when I realised I had a habit of spending; I am a spender, on what you ask?

I am a nerd; my interests include Movies, Music, Graphic novels, and gadgets, yeah that’s basically it. How do I keep up with all the latest trends, spend money of course.

It dawned on me, I cant keep up with every movie, every album, single, every piece of gadget and lets not start on trainers/sneakers.  I made a decision, I need to stop and slow down.  I also needed a little motivation; I needed a minimalistic approach to my life and my spending, this included screen time.

My minimalism began with me removing items in my life, which were not needed, a decluttering approach. This was somewhat difficult, I was removing items which I kept for years, thinking maybe this would needed in the future, this is a collectors item, I can frame this one day, my family may want this someday, boxes and boxes full of so called collectors items, which have been stored for years.  It became apparent, these items are not needed, and these items are not collector’s items, just a stamp to add value to the product.

Easier said than done, some of these items have been with me for over a decade, the most difficult part was asking myself, do I need this item, if I have a use for it, then fine. If the product has no use for me, then consider selling or donating it.  This includes clothing, I am sure I am not the only one with a full wardrobe of old clothes or clothes that may not fit too well.

My finances were next step to minimalise; I researched tips and tricks to support my finances.  As I researched I realised that there are so many options to grab a great deal and ensure I am not paying against the odds. Annual reviews on car and home insurance, utilities, broadband, TV and much more.

Money can cause many issues, when you don’t have it, it can cause pain and stress.  I don’t want to be that person who lives pay check to pay check, its happened to me before, living life close to the edge and I worked efficiently to not let that happen again.

You maybe reading this and thinking, what is this guy on? He has no life? I am not giving up my interests, far from it.  I am reducing the amount of distractions in my life, to support me and spend quality time with my family.  I don’t believe happiness is by possessing and accumulating things; I do now have a stronger belief in relationships and experiences.

That saying, I am not stating that I will not buy items that interest me, support my business or in achieving good quality product.  However, there are considerations in buying items for the sake of accumulating or becoming a collectors item, which I will not ever, use or cherish.

My priorities have become more enriched; I am beginning to think clearly without any distractions. Planning my time with my family, whether that is time within the home, away from home and not being able to think about owning the next best thing.

Disciplining yourself is a major challenge, minimalism is not easy, a gradual process; it began with me thinking, “I cant keep on doing this”.  It was enough motivation to take a step further.  It’s a constant battle, to curb the distractions and wanting the next best thing.  My phone is a great example, I upgraded my phone every two years, I have always had a keen interest in phones, I use all social media platforms, I shop, I view movies, clips, programmes, I read and use the phone to its full potential.

Staying positive throughout the process is vital, again some may read this and believe, life is about good and the bad, we all go through hurdles and barriers.  That’s very true, we all have to go through some hardship, that’s life and most cases it makes you a stronger person and developed individual. Minimalism within my mind set is not just about removing items from your life but positivity has supported me.  I reviewed my lifestyle, my stresses, my hurdles, and my barriers and formulated the important things in life and what I could do differently.  Again, easier said than done but it’s a gradual process, which I supporting me through my personal development.

Was upgrading a necessity? No its not, am I spending more for the next best thing, yes very likely. Was it difficult to say no, oh yes. Did all my friends and colleagues have new phones, majority yes, however I had needed to discipline myself and curb the need to buy.

The next steps, are still decluttering, you don’t realise how much stuff you actually own until you start digging deeper.  It’s a slow progression but I am determined to see it through.  You may read further about minimalism from people around the world, all have a different views but it’s certainly given me focus, financially focus and also reduced my stress levels.

As its still in the early stages for me, minimalism has supported me and gives me enrichment and focus. I can only hope this article given some of you a small taste of how minimalism has come into my life.  I hope to provide you with more insight into my life of minimalism, If there any questions, please use the contact us form. Thanks for reading

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