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I love my Jeans

Some interesting facts, did you know?

  1. There are Jeans Vending machines
  2. Over 225 Jeans can be made from one bale of cotton
  3. Jeans in America were originally called “waist overalls”
  4. The birth of Jeans is the 20thMay
  5. In 2001, George W. Bush decided that staff could not wear Jeans in the Oval office/White House

I have just read recently about the CEO of Levi stating that you should never wash your jeans.  He has not washed his favourite pair of jeans, which he’s owned for over ten years.

I tend to partially agree with him, sometimes I have no choice but to wash my jeans and they do fade. Don’t get me wrong I love jeans, I seem to own a new pair every month, it used to be each week.

I was introduced to Levi’s approx. ten years ago and I was amazed with the quality.  I was so intrigued about the Levi’s brand and read they were originally created for coal workers in the USA.

Levi Strauss was one of the first people to introduce Jeans to the world.  He had the thick material to support miners and eventually made them into Jeans.  The original colour was white, which would not be functional to miners, so Levi decided to use coloured denim, dark blue.  Blue jeans became a trend from miners, cowboys and the American workingman. The Levi brand is the original brand and certainly knows how to make a good pair of jeans.

It was only a matter a time when other companies began to develop their own type of denim.  Now jeans are still as popular as ever.

My first pair of Levi’s lasted years, I still own them know and still are durable as ever.  With any trends, its important to identify market changes,  as slim and skinny fit and other fits became radical change in sizes and looks.  The colours and style, change frequently to provide much more choice to the consumer.

I have a pair of Jeans for every type of occasion, Jeans for every day use, for weekend use, the occasional use and family functions.  There is also a consideration, whether I am wearing a shirt, sweater or t-shirt, is that excessive?  I don’t think so.  If could wear Jeans every day I would, if I am ever given an option for Smart Casual dress wear, Jeans will certainly be worn.

As I talk about Jeans, they are not for everyone, I have friends who would not wear jeans, and may it be simple style choice or being uncomfortable.

But my love for jeans still remains…….

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