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Learning Journey

Learning Photography Part 1


Where do I begin? What are the options?

I have always been fascinated with photography, I love taking pictures on my phone and using filters for the best picture.

I initially thought buying an expensive camera would help me and drive me into creating professional pictures.  I bought a Canon DSLR, I researched this particular model and feedback was great. I didn’t resist and bought the expensive camera.

I have to admit, I had no idea how to use it, from what each dial represented.  Manual? Automatic? Which lens to buy? What’s a lens kit? Lightroom? Photoshop? DSLR? Mirrorless?

The questions were never ending but I was still left with a camera, I don’t know how to fully use.

learning journey

To be honest, I have had this camera for nearly 18 months without any use.  I have a love for technology, I am always researching new tech, whether it’s phones, TVs, cameras, drones, smart watches and many more. So technology evolves including cameras, Canon, Sony, Panasonic are releasing new cameras frequently.

I realised I need to make decision, so I began to focus on learning the basics on my camera.  I used search engines, YouTube, bought books and magazines.  It dawned on me I am not in the same position, there are many out there in my position. So this is part of my journey in learning how to become a professional photographer.  We are all photographers in some form, whether it’s on our phones, pocket cameras or other forms.

Becoming a professional photographer or a Vlogger is a costly affair but it can also be an investment. It all depends on how far your willing to go.

learning journey

Ok a few tips from my journey, for a beginner

You don’t need to buy the best camera in the market, as I mentioned it’s a costly affair.

After some extensive research, here are a few early entry cameras which are great such as the Canon Rebel line SL2/EOS 200, is a good camera for learning and vlogging.


Nikon D3500, UK US

Fujifilm X-T100, UK US

Sony A6000 UK US


If the above is way above your price range, then only buy within your means.  I love pictures, fascinated with all types of photography but in particular street photography interests me and seems natural.