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letting go

Letting go of Personal Objects


My Minimalist Journey

My life into minimalism has been an emotional journey so far, letting go has not been an easy venture. Accumulating stuff becomes a habit but letting go can become emotional.

As I focus on decluttering my huge collection of junk, I stare at my items and think to myself, “I really don’t remember buying this” or the alternative is “ wow I forgot I had these”.

I believe I had a phase of buying collectors editions of everything from video games, dvd’s, figures and many more. I know I certainly won’t be letting go of everything. My embrace of minimalism cannot be complete overnight, this process is gradual.

How do I let go? Selling is an option, Items can be sold on eBay or Amazon, the helps in making a return on the investment, although i don’t foresee profits.

We all collect items in some form or another, whether it’s blu Ray, dvd’s, video games, figures, posters, artwork, shoes, sneakers/trainers, bags, clothing and so much more. Its whether those possessions will be used, worn, cherished or just be forgotten for months until you realise, you actually own them.

Question is, if i don’t remember buying the items, are they needed? or are they being kept for no reason at all?


What are my other options? The items could be potential gifts for people in my life, my geeky friends would appreciate a figurine, dvd or even artwork. Donating the items is also an option, the items could go to someone who would cherish them and left in a box for months or years.

I realised, as I begin this journey of letting go, it required me to take small steps. I could not just dispose of all items and begin my life into minimalism immediately. There are so many considerations, and also ensure that I take the leap and not procrastinate.

I have been holding onto these possessions, thinking that these items, would stay with me forever. I remember thinking to myself many years ago, I would display everything for everyone to see, like in a store in a shopping centre/mall and be in awe of all the junk I own.

The old cliche “If I knew then, what I know now” used to appear to me quite often but with my journey into minimalism, hindsight and regret are the thing of the past. I cannot change my past but I can develop my future.

I ask my self the following questions before purchasing, do I need to buy this item? is it a necessity or a luxury? Why am I buying? These simple questions have supported in my decision making and limits my spending.

I believe as a part of my minimalist journey, the will to let go and embrace will support me, financially, build my confidence and strength.

Thanks for reading, please join me in my journey to minimalism and also comment, if you have started such a journey into a simpler lifestyle.