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Coffee Trends

Shall we meet for a Coffee? Lets talk it over, over a coffee?

Coffee Trend

Coffee Drinking the Trend

Coffee drinking trend is here and there is no signs of fatigue.  Coffee has become a fundamental part of the food and drink industry.  Big brands such as Starbucks, Costa, Café Nero and many more seem to be everywhere.  Shopping malls/centres, service stations, motorway/highway stations, everywhere you go.

What is drawing customers in? Is it the free Wi-Fi, so customers can relax, drink coffee and check emails, social network or maybe shop online?  Could it be luxury furniture, environment and surroundings attracting customers into the stores?  Starbucks and Costa restaurants now appear in cinemas, an alternative to popcorn and drinks or just a place to dwell.

Varieties of coffee seem to be endless from the usual latte, the Americano, Mocha, Cappuccino, Macchiato and many more.

If you’re like me, I still don’t fully understand all type of coffee products, so I visited my local Starbucks and tasted some of their products.

Americano – a single or double shot of espresso brewed with water, typically hot water.

Mocha – is a relatively a hot chocolate, its an espresso with hot milk and with chocolate flavouring.

Cappuccino – an espresso based drink with hot milk, there are many variations, which can be added, such as cream instead of milk and cinnamon or chocolate flavouring added.

Macchiato – an espresso drink with a small amount of milk.


The industry has grown and looking to become ahead of new trends, also utilise the change through the digital age and social media.  These stores have not only become a local community gathering but also a place for families, business meetings, mothers with babies and adults looking for place to dwell without distractions.  Moving with trends, you can see the big brands everywhere, whether it is the large stores or self-service coffee machines with the brand name in service stores.

According to the British Coffee Association (BCA), in the UK alone, a whopping 95 million cups of coffee is consumed each day, this has increased 25 million within the last 10 years. The average coffee drinker consumes two cups a day but also has known to be up to six cups a day.

Surprisingly 65% of individuals drink coffee at home and 25% outside of the home in stores, bars and restaurants.

If you work from home or prefer coffee within the home, portable machines are also available, coffee machines, which require pods, espresso machine or filter coffee for larger groups.

We have seen many offices and workplace environments with coffee machines, they are flexible, affordable and with good quality products.

In all major cities all over the world, coffee is provided in many varieties, through brand stores, restaurants, bars and many eateries.


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