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Snoring, I can’t stop, what shall I do?

Sleeping after partner has been snoring in the other room

Snoring, what can i do?


Snoring, is very common and usually is affected by Tongue, Mouth and Throat.  The airways are vibrating in your nose, which causes snoring.  As we reach older into our 50s and 60s, our snoring will develop further, snoring tends not to affect your daily life, although your partner may suffer with sleepless nights.

We do need to consider that if snoring becomes an issue for you and your partner, that its researched or managed to support you and your partner.  There are a few ways to limit the amount of snoring that is carried out.

  1. Sleep on your side and not your back – The tissue within the airways causing you to snore will be relaxed.
  2. No alcohol before bed – due to muscles being relaxed, alcohol will allow further snoring.
  3. Good sleeping habits – over tiredness will affect your muscles and cause snoring.  Regular sleep patterns, when applicable may support in reducing snoring
  4. Change of pillows – this can support you in limiting your snoring, allergens in the bedroom and your pillow, may cause snoring
  5. Remain hydrated – regular liquids, may help but to try avoid alcohol



Air Snore is a product which can support you in minimising your snoring, please review their website.  Please click here