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How Technology has evolved


Technology – Progression & Continuous development

It is true that a lot can change over 10 years especially when you think in terms of technology. If you rewind back 10 years, you will notice the technology industry was buzzing with the introduction of new mobile technologies, upstarting broadcast TV alternatives, and updating the existing operating systems. Let’s dive back and see how the technology world used to be in 10 years ago and how it has changed over time.

Introduction to Apple’s App store

A decade ago, Apple released its iPhone 3 along with its App Store. This would go on to sparkle a mobile revolution that would change the world as well as the way of communication and the usage of mobiles. In the App store, you can view and download some of the most fun apps and enjoy the best products provided by Apple’s developers. A decade ago the iPhone 3 with a 3.5-inch screen and 256 MB RAM was considered revolutionary and when you fast forward 10 years, the technology has advanced so much that the latest iPhones come with a 5.8-inch screen and a 3 GB RAM.

T-Mobile gave the world the first Android smartphone

HTC Dream or also known as T-Mobile G1 might not have been the best phone ever but it marked the beginning of the incredible journey that led to smartphones becoming a necessity in every person’s daily life. That time the first smartphone had a 3.2-inch screen and a 192 MB RAM but some of the best products when it comes to smartphones these days come with 6.0-inches or even 7.0-inches screen as well as a 6 GB RAM.

Chrome browser was previewed by Google

Even though Chrome was turning heads from the start, when it initially began, it was far behind Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. These days, Internet Explorer has been replaced by Edge, and Firefox is nothing but a niche player. Even though Safari still rules Apple devices but Chrome has managed to become the undisputed number one. Chrome has become the top browser where enjoying seamless surfing is just one click away.

Social networking

These upcoming generations will not remember the age when Facebook and Twitter was a new concept understood only by few. 10 years ago, the social network was ruled by MySpace as it connected millions of users while giving them an opportunity to listen to new music and click and share pictures and stories. But 10 years later, social networks like MySpace and Orkut are existing only in old articles and nostalgic thoughts as the social network market has been dominated by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more.

Online Streaming

Do you remember what it was like before the introduction of applications like Netflix and Hulu? 10 years ago, these applications were struggling because many people were not aware of it and they were old fashioned and liked watching TV programs on cable.

However, the upcoming generation was more than happy because they could view their favourite shows and enjoy them anytime they felt like. Even though a decade back applications like Hulu had just begun, they were still managing to produce standard video quality but with the changes in technology, they have managed to produce HD video quality for excellent viewing experiences.


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