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Virtual Reality Headsets, the future?

Virtual Reality in its element

Virtual Reality in gaming

Virtual reality, one of the very first gaming company’s to start working on VR was Sega. They attempted to develop VR glasses and were successful in creating a headset but theproduct found it difficult to enter the market and the project was halted after the prototype. The next big gaming company to work on VR was Nintendo. A research and development team that was headed by the famous Gunpei Yokoi developed The Virtual Boy which was first ever virtual reality gaming device. Although Yokoi was reluctant, Nintendo still marketed the Virtual Boy, which did not meet expectations and became one of the reasons of Yokoi’s departure. Gamers complained about the product as it provided some with headaches, dizziness andnausea and it provided less than glowing feelings about the product.

Virtual reality needed time to develop, although it could have significant impact on the gaming industry, previous versions were not to the standard, which consumers expected. In 2012, Palmer Luckey designed a version of theVR headset within the market, he began a Kickstarter campaign with great success, the Oculus Rift was born.  This was the beginning of a headset, which was affordable and attractive to consumers.

Will virtual reality completely take over the gaming world? Sony PlayStation VR headset currently has great deals and has a range of varied content.  Sony launched the PlayStation VR headset in 2016 and known to the best selling, high-end headset so far.  The headset uses PlayStation 4’s built in GPU with its camera and Dual shock controllers, so far a win win with consumers.

Virtual reality is slowly becoming one of the major gaming genresin near future. Right now the technology is developing to become a major part of the gaming community.  I recently have seen and become a part of an escape room team building concept using Virtual reality technology.  It delivered magnificent results within the team and enjoyed the immersive world, as the technology evolves, it can only provide an improved experience.

VR holds a lot of potential in the gaming world and with organisations such as Sony and Oculus who, continue to support and invest in VR, the experience can only improve.

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